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Concerns about Career

One of the most important issues that students face in their last years of high school is choosing their future profession and discovering the best way to get there. At this point, family members start to haggle with their teenagers and advise them for their future careers. I believe, beside explanation of the general parameters that provide satisfaction in a typical career, parents should care much more about provision of a relaxed atmosphere for youth to make “their own” decision. So parents should provide such an impression that no matter what their child choice is, they are going to stay beside him/her. They could demonstrate their support by expressing: “You are not only what you do. To us, you are who you are and we love you regardless of your choice”.

In fact, many families forget what their original role could be. We are living in a modern society in which we have learnt to consider pathetic families as “a not so rare” reality. Family equations are becoming more and more different from what they were in the past decades. The relationship between parents and youth becomes critical when their children start their teenage years. Many young people will not consider the end of the relationship with their parents as the end of the world. 

 In such an environment, if the parents try to push their children to choose the options which they do not consider as what they might like for their future, a conflict is most likely to start. Generation gap, financial issues and a lot of other subjects can interfere and end to a chaos. The atmosphere is just full of gas ready to explode.

Here is the point where parents have to be careful. A person’s character has many subparts; it is not only the career that identifies one. Of course your job title and the money that you make out of it are important, but these are not all of one’s life. The older generation should realize that for the youth, life can have a different meaning: “I am not my job, I am who I am”.

So, please, please do not forget that identity is not only the job. Let your young children experience themselves and learn. Do not forget that hiding your love or applying it through the wrong way can be pricy. Do not ignore the sore reality which happened for many families before you. Dear Canadian parents, after all, I’d like to ask you again to remember this and announce it strongly to your young adult children: “No matter what your job will be, we are aside you. You are not only what you do, you are who you are”.

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