جمعه 26 آبان 1391 ساعت 03:19 ق.ظ

I hate going on a trip

I hate going on a trip with a person who's not felixble

for the love of god

and for her love

as well as urs

avoid her

dont do it

dont do it to urself again

پنج‌شنبه 18 آبان 1391 ساعت 08:06 ق.ظ

u dont take the bags out

cuz this place already looks like a stable becuz of u

cuz i live with a cow

and if im a cow, what animal r u ?

a pig 


i first didnt want to record this

but i figured I have to record the new area

and all the new eras

and all the era

باشد که بماند و نرود

in dream

یکشنبه 14 آبان 1391 ساعت 12:47 ق.ظ

We could be so slight

we just don't know what slight means

شنبه 13 آبان 1391 ساعت 02:51 ق.ظ

Thank you very much for everything.... 

The thought of u leaving has been devestating.

(im sure u guys pick it up(


smiles, final look ready


u check that email every day, right?



Not just the irrelevancy

it's the power of this word. its devestating and building power


On Women's rights

یکشنبه 7 آبان 1391 ساعت 03:13 ب.ظ

Good ole days were good.

Things made sense back then

so did the natural position, function, and capability of women and men

hence, we should accept some dyanmics

and not turn thingS into impractical bickerings