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  • خدایا! دفغع ی بعدی مرا به آن سفر ببر! (شنبه 29 آذر 1393 06:49)
    خودت لیاقت مرا بهتر می دانی. به ویزه ...
  • Analog Electronics (دوشنبه 22 اردیبهشت 1393 21:46)
    You such, or more honestly, I suck at you... but all the same
  • Apology to Humanity (چهارشنبه 27 فروردین 1393 02:10)
    I sincerely apologize for all my PDA in the past, especially those in libraries or around people who were trying to study
  • May Sound Too Obvious, but (پنج‌شنبه 21 فروردین 1393 10:49)
    Do not love one who can't love you back
  • An Attempt (پنج‌شنبه 7 فروردین 1393 05:39)
    دیروزمان به باد امروزمان چنان فردایمان فلان زمان چه زود می گذرد از پس این گفتار زندگی چون گفتاریست طولانی اما کوتاه دیروز بود روز اول دانشگاه اما مهاجرت خیلی زودتر نبود سه و چهار و شش و هفت سال ها زود می گذرند چند گاهی بیشتر نمانده به پایان یافتن کارشناسی چنان می خواندش در فارسی گرچه چنان عمیق نیست مگر جزاین است در...
  • فکر عذاب آور (سه‌شنبه 22 بهمن 1392 01:35)
    عجیب است زمانی که می دانی فکری ناراحتت می کند، با این حال به آن می اندیشی و خود را عذاب می دهی. و نه حتی اینکه از زجر دادن خود لذت ببری، بلکه صرفا این کار را می کنی، بی آن که فکر کنی یا بدانی چرا. شاید وقت آن رسیده است که از دور باطل خارج شوی. نوشتن شاید به تو کمک کند. شاید به تو یادآوری کند چقدر بعضی کارهایت دیوانه...
  • 2015 (شنبه 12 بهمن 1392 07:32)
    Will be the year of the events. Where 2016 will be solidify those July and October, mark two changes Changes that will affect me One directly and one indirect Till then, I don't have much to worry about I mean I have a lot to worry about but not CZ or CPs
  • Bye (شنبه 5 بهمن 1392 08:21)
    I would like to kiss you bye I rather you become my long distance lust I may or may not see you in 8 months But you are nothing but a manipulative monster that I have let grow inside me so big You are way worst than the parasite of that anthropologist You have got me enter myself so many times That I have become so...
  • سحرخیز باش! (یکشنبه 14 مهر 1392 07:07)
    چه زیبا گفت آن یگانه مرد که اکنون آزاد شده است. چه زیبا گفت از لذت بردن و خوش بودن، حتی در سخت ترین شرایط. حتی با دنده ی شکسته، بسکتبال کوچک بازی کردن. اگر زندان تو برایت زندان نشد، نباید که زندان توهم من برایم زندان شود. اگر در آن واقعیت تو نباختی، هرگز نمی خواهم به هیچ ببازم. باشد که من و همه خوشدل و دلخوش و مومن...
  • Condor (جمعه 18 مرداد 1392 11:23)
    Condor is sometimes so unusual to find that finding it is like a miracle One's life must be logical, reasonable. Repeating the same wrong experiences can result in opportunities being taken away. Old Guru Me: One's life must have balance Old Guru: These are pieces of a line, not two sides of the scale. But above all,...
  • One more point to remember (سه‌شنبه 8 مرداد 1392 07:54)
    “Addicts tend to minimize the potential risk,” Dr. Haltzman said. “They tend to rationalize their aberrant behavior and seem to think that they’re the exception to the rule.”
  • Public Prayer (سه‌شنبه 8 مرداد 1392 04:58)
    Dear Lord (now I don't care to call you by what name), I'm missing you a lot. I feel I'm not thinking of you enough in my life. Come back to me, show me, in a new format. Or maybe you're here already. Maybe my eyes can't see you. Or maybe they can, they just don't know how to interpret you. It's like sometimes you're...
  • Reaching to my Emotional Side (شنبه 22 تیر 1392 20:04)
    The Cause for Pain Your body releases a slew of hormones, neurotransmitters and steroids during and after. From oxytocin in the pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis to DHEA in the androgen hormones, the body produces and releases hormones and steroids to maintain an [], power your drive and relax your muscles. After, the...
  • Working Too Hard (یکشنبه 16 تیر 1392 21:01)
    I thought I'd go crazy if I work too hard Now I just think it's just my nature I should change and I'm a human, so I'll change it and I'll become more cool and relax more tame, perhaps
  • Little Prayer (دوشنبه 10 تیر 1392 03:50)
    توی انفرادی ام انگار خدا ولی نه بدن - که دلم تنهاست. ذهنم هم که همه جاست - بدون این که با من باشد. ‍پیش من باش. بی تو بی نهایت تنهام.
  • on 2013 - or 2012 in fact (سه‌شنبه 12 دی 1391 11:01)
    سال قبل بسیار از عاقبت امور می ترسیدم... چه در زندگی شخصی - چه خانوادگی - چه درسی و چه چه چه باشد که امسال دیگر این قدر بزرگ شده باشم که بترسم - ولی نه خیلی زیاد. نه آنقدر که زحماتم در خطر بر باد رفتن بروند... هر چند که مزد تمامی شان را هم نگیرم. باشد که تلاش زیاد کنم... چه سلامتی - چه درسی و چه موفقیت کاری - سطح...
  • sense of conscience (سه‌شنبه 21 آذر 1391 10:18)
    oh man ... u invisible reader... I can feel u
  • dont (جمعه 26 آبان 1391 03:19)
    I hate going on a trip I hate going on a trip with a person who's not felixble for the love of god and for her love as well as urs avoid her dont do it dont do it to urself again
  • [ بدون عنوان ] (پنج‌شنبه 18 آبان 1391 08:06)
    u dont take the bags out cuz this place already looks like a stable becuz of u cuz i live with a cow and if im a cow, what animal r u ? a pig ------------------------------------------------------------ i first didnt want to record this but i figured I have to record the new area and all the new eras and all the era...
  • in dream (یکشنبه 14 آبان 1391 00:47)
    We could be so slight we just don't know what slight means
  • [ بدون عنوان ] (شنبه 13 آبان 1391 02:51)
    Thank you very much for everything.... The thought of u leaving has been devestating. (im sure u guys pick it up( ... smiles, final look ready and: u check that email every day, right? almost. ---------------------- Not just the irrelevancy it's the power of this word. its devestating and building power ALMOST
  • On Women's rights (یکشنبه 7 آبان 1391 15:13)
    Good ole days were good. Things made sense back then so did the natural position, function, and capability of women and men hence, we should accept some dyanmics and not turn thingS into impractical bickerings
  • Insanity of Living with her (شنبه 22 مهر 1391 03:41)
    When you decide to see her again, remember every time she said whatever and remember every single time she made you feel insane I rather feel insane alone maybe
  • Why Engineers do not make good managers (چهارشنبه 19 مهر 1391 02:52)
    perhas, Becuz they need some ArtScis to teach them how to talk and behave
  • No Place to Stay (پنج‌شنبه 13 مهر 1391 00:47)
    Here has become yours, and now the ownership has incarnated itself again And other places are also gone... so I have nowhere to stay anymore
  • Message from the Turk (چهارشنبه 12 مهر 1391 11:24)
    HALLO SHAHR.LANGE NİCHT GESEHEN.RAMAZANIN MUBAREK OLSUN. it was the number 20th. a lot of pain i took to get to 20 made the persian proud of her life again but
  • reading an old letter, please remember (دوشنبه 10 مهر 1391 17:33)
    clearly, there HAS been sth wrong with me
  • Kevin (چهارشنبه 5 مهر 1391 22:51)
    'it was very interesting. Neither of us must have belonged to the group we were supporting.' from 'talks with H' (K.Shook) '
  • Congrats to A.M (چهارشنبه 5 مهر 1391 13:23)
    ...Congratulations you b today, or any day, u won my old crush i.e. my love of old crush
  • آقای جامعه شناس (دوشنبه 6 شهریور 1391 08:39)
    قولی نانوشته بود تا از او سخنی نگویم. But I have to say this, a sociologist can suck sometimes
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