My letter to Blogsky

چهارشنبه 15 اسفند 1386 ساعت 05:44 ب.ظ
As obviously you observe here, the text is left to right even though it's English not Persian. That's one of thousands things I have issue with in Blogsky text editor applied through Blogsky. The following is my email to Blogsky administrators, that I'm looking forward to have some sort of feedback.

To Whom It May Concern

I'm a Firefox user who is interested to run Blogsky in Firefox to do his blogging stuff. Are you going to improve your system to make it system that users can have all the features available in Firefox as well? Such as we don't have access to many text editor tools in Firefox and also we can't type Farsi when it's not installed by Firefox. On the other hand in your usual Farsi typing sytsem, Ctrl + T that should be "," (Comma) in Persian, is something like "o" in Farsi that makes a lot of trouble for me, like I have to use "-" that is minus in stead of Comma.
I'd be glad and so thankful if you answer my questions, I have been blogging with Blogsky for 4 years (my blog is: I don't want to leave this system, like many users, so I hope that you have concerns about our problems.

Best Regards,
Best Wishes,
Sina Monfared
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