On Women's rights

یکشنبه 7 آبان 1391 ساعت 03:13 ب.ظ

Good ole days were good.

Things made sense back then

so did the natural position, function, and capability of women and men

hence, we should accept some dyanmics

and not turn thingS into impractical bickerings

Insanity of Living with her

شنبه 22 مهر 1391 ساعت 03:41 ق.ظ

When you decide to see her again,

remember every time she said whatever

and remember every single time she made you feel insane

I rather feel insane alone maybe

Why Engineers do not make good managers

چهارشنبه 19 مهر 1391 ساعت 02:52 ق.ظ

perhas, Becuz they need some ArtScis to teach them how to talk and behave

No Place to Stay

پنج‌شنبه 13 مهر 1391 ساعت 12:47 ق.ظ

Here has become yours, and now the ownership has incarnated itself again

And other places are also gone... so I have nowhere to stay anymore

Message from the Turk

چهارشنبه 12 مهر 1391 ساعت 11:24 ق.ظ


it was the number 20th.

a lot of pain i took to get to 20

made the persian proud of her life again


reading an old letter, please remember

دوشنبه 10 مهر 1391 ساعت 05:33 ب.ظ

clearly, there HAS been sth wrong with me


چهارشنبه 5 مهر 1391 ساعت 10:51 ب.ظ

'it was very interesting. Neither of us must have belonged to the group we were supporting.' from 'talks with H' (K.Shook)


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